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Northeast Shores serves the neighborhoods of North Shores Collinwood with a variety of helpful loan and grant programs to help current residents improve their homes.


Below is a list of available services that can help you improve your home. No matter what type of housing needs you are experiencing - small or large - Northeast Shores is here to help you.


Own Your Own (Build Your Dream) Home Program

$6,500 Home

Download the Application
Contact Camille Maxwell (216) 481-7660


The Weatherization Program is designed to reduce energy consumption by providing insulation and air leakage repairs to homes in the neighborhood. The program also includes a furnace and air leakage repairs that are needed in the home. This grant program may include repair and/or replacement to insulation of heating ducts, energy efficient light bulbs and heating repairs or replacement of water heaters or furnaces.

  • Program reduces your gas and electric costs
  • This program is open to Homeowners and tenants
  • Also offered to Euclid residents

Download the Application
Contact Charlie Kamen (216) 481-7660

Northeast Shores partners with several citywide and regional providers of services designed to help you improve your home. If you need guidance regarding what program is best for you, feel free to contact Stephanie Thomas at

Cleveland Action to Support Housing (CASH)

CASH knows repairs can seem overwhelming, but they are here to help. CASH is a non-profit founded in the late 1970s. CASH provides low interest rates to renovate or remodel your home. Well-repaired homes in the City of Cleveland attract good tenants, encourage existing owners to maintain their properties, and increase property values. The CASH interest rate is always competitive and attractive. CASH assists homeowners in selecting good contractors and achieving a fair price for the repairs. CASH also provides specifications, cost estimates, escrow services, and construction oversight.

Cleveland Restoration Society (CRS)

The Cleveland Restoration Society's team of highly trained professionals knows what makes older homes tick. CRS can help you determine what improvements will increase your older home's value and help you preserve the historic character that you fell in love with in the first place. CRS knows what materials to use to get the results you are looking for and where to find them and financial assistance is available to make it all possible. For more information, call CRS at (216) 426-3116 to discuss the improvements you are considering for your home. CRS may recommend a site visit to help you determine your scope of work and to give you advice.

NHS Cleveland

NHS of Greater Cleveland has been creating homeownership and building communities for over 32 years. NHS is a non-profit organization that has provided families in Northeast Ohio with the housing education and home repair loans they need to buy, improve, and keep their homes. Contact NHS at (216) 458-4663 to find out how to buy a home, learn about how to maintain and repair your home, or to prevent foreclosure to keep your home.

Don't Borrow Trouble

Don't let others take advantage of you. Even if you have credit problems, there are more choices than you might think or have been led to believe. Counselors will explain home lending in everyday language, answer your questions, and help you explore your options. Don't Borrow Trouble is a public education campaign that seeks to prevent predatory lending in Cuyahoga County. If you have questions about purchasing a home, refinancing, debt consolidation, home equity loans, or other homeownership related questions, call (216) 436-2000 for assistance.


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Northeast Shores Development Corp

317 East 156th Street Cleveland, OH 44110     phone: 216.481.7660     fax: 216.481.7129