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Northeast Shores Milestones

The efforts of Northeast Shores has resulted in over $25 million in neighborhood investment. Throughout the years, Northeast Shores has been an integral part of several neighborhood improvements. Here, we highlight several of those improvements through the organization's history.

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06-Jun-2013 Metroparks stewardship begins
On June 6, 2013 Cleveland Metroparks assumed management of the six Lakefront State properties including Euclid Beach, Wildwood, and Villa Angela. These three parks are now an extension of the Euclid Creek Reservation.
14-Nov-2012 Welcome to Collinwood Launches
 Our companion website,, launched. This website will be a place where we can show off the various offerings to artists in the neighborhood and features what artists are already doing in our community.
05-Oct-2012 Board Member Receives Statewide Award
 Board Secretary Caroline Peak is awarded the 2012 Board Member of the Year award from the Ohio CDC Association.
12-Jun-2012 Collinwood Rising is awarded ArtPlace grant
 Collinwood Rising is awarded a $500,000 ArtPlace grant to work with artists to redevelop vacant and forclosed spaces. 
12-Nov-2011 Collinwood Recreation Center Opens
19-Jul-2011 Northeast Shores receives major pilot initiative
The Community Partnership for Arts and Culture (CPAC) and Northeast Shores Development Corporation have announced a partnership to launch Artists in Residence, a two-year initiative that will explore what artists can do for Cleveland neighborhoods, and what Cleveland neighborhoods can do for artists. The two-year, $500,000 pilot program will focus its efforts on this relationship in Cleveland’s Waterloo Arts District.
10-Nov-2010 LiveCleveland gives Marketing Award
Norhteast Shroes won an Excellence in Neighborhood Marketing award for their postcard initiative "Welcome to Waterloo" to increase the awareness of the Waterloo Arts and Entertainment District. Very retro and very cool Cleveland!
22-May-2010 Alive on E185 - Second Year
The Alive on East 185th Street Parade and Sidewalk Sale becomes an annual event with this date being the second annual date.
15-May-2010 Recreation Center Groundbreaking
After decades of planning, the new Collinwood Recreation Center celebrates its groundbreaking.
17-Apr-2009 Wall Street Journal covers us
The Wall Street Journal ran an article sharing our efforts to provide housing to artists. This is the first national press our efforts have garnered.

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