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Northeast Shores Initiatives

Besides our current endeavors in the neighborhood, we are also planning for the community's future. Northeast Shores has been active in planning significant improvements to greatly improve our quality of life. Each of the plans described here were developed with opportunities for public comment. We want to thank the thousands of residents that have participated in these planning efforts.

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East 156th Target Area Plan

In 2011, Northeast Shores with support Neighborhood Progress Inc. completed a Target Area Plan for East 156th Street. The intent of this plan was to strategically implement various one-time federal resources that would better connect the improvements on Lakeshore Boulevard to the renaissance occurring on Waterloo Road.

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East 156th TAP
East 185th Street Market Analysis - 1996

In 1996, Northeast Shores conducted a market analysis of East 185th Street. As recent discussions about the future of East 185th Street increase, we have uploaded analysis for historical purposes.

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East 185 Market Analysis - 1996
East 185th Street Market Analysis - 2012

 In 2012, Northeast Shores engaged DDA to conduct a Market Analysis of the East 185th Street Business District. The report is attached and is a cornerstone data point for our efforts in this proud portion of our community.

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East 185 Market Analysis - 2012
Euclid Beach Fishing Pier Study

With assistance from URS Corporation, the Euclid Beach Fishing Pier Feasibility Study was completed in October, 2008. When completed, the pier will be a major improvement to the Euclid Beach State Park and a wonderful neighborhood amenity.

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Fishing Pier Study
Euclid Beach Park Plan

In 2012, consultant MKSK presented a plan for an improved Euclid Beach State Park. This plan is outlined here. This plan has been presented ot the MetroParks as we encourage different stewardship of the our lakefront parks. This planning effort is being co-presented by LAND Studio and Northeast Shores. If you have questions or comments about this presentation, please contact John Boksansky at

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Euclid Beach Plan
Lakeshore Plan

In 2004, the City of Cleveland underwent an extensive study of the current and potential use of our land along Lake Erie. As part of that process, Northeast Shores engaged the Kent State Urban Design Center to develop a landuse plan that improves amenities at Euclid Beach State Park and improves the aesthetics in the immediately adjacent retail business district. The Cleveland Planning Commission adopted the plan and Northeast Shores is in the process of implementing these important improvements.

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Lakeshore Plan
Lower Euclid Creek Greenway Plan

The Lower Euclid Creek Plan looks at opportunities to enhance Euclid Creek in Cleveland and Euclid, the most densely populated cities of the watershed.  Restoration of coastal wetlands, fish passage, land conservation, storm water management, and potential greenspace linkages from the Metroparks Euclid Creek Reservation to Lake Erie are some of the recommendations of the Lower Euclid Creek Greenway Plan. The Plan identifies specific projects that will enhance Euclid Creek and bring the Creek back into the community as an amenity.  The project was funded in part by ODNR’s Coastal Management Grant Program.

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Full Euclid Creek Plan
Northeast Shores Strategic Plan 2011-2013

In 2011, Northeast Shores developed a strategic plan to direct our efforts for 2011 through 2013. The full plan is attached and was conducted by Janus Small & Associates.

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Northeast Shores Strategic Plan 2011-2013
Waterloo Streetscape Engineering Plan

In 2010, Northeast Shores successfully lobbied the City of Cleveland to rebuild Waterloo based on the preliminary design creted in 2007. After being awarded nearly $4 million for the 2012 construction of the new Waterloo Streetscape, the City of Cleveland engaged Osborn Engineering and Knight & Stolar Landscape Architects to develop construction drawings for the impending improvements.

On November 29, the first public meeting for this process occurred. Feedback is being accepted on these draft plans until December 10th. At that point, curbcuts, bump-outs, and road width will be finalized. To submit feedback, please e-mail John Boksansky at or call him at (216) 481-7660.

In 2011, additional public meetings will occur regarding other street amenities including benches, trash cans, bike racks, trees, other foliage, and paver selection. Please continually check the blog and calendar for announcements for these meetings.

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Waterloo Plan from East 152nd to East 156th Street
Waterloo Plan from East 156th Street to East 162nd
Watelroo Typical Elevation
Waterloo Parking Plan from East 152nd to East 156t
Waterloo Parking Plan from East 156th to East 162n
Waterloo Streetscape Preliminary Plan

In 2007, Northeast Shores embarked on a full examination of how Waterloo and East 156th Street can be improved to assist in the further development of the Waterloo Arts and Entertainment District. We engaged URS Consultants to conduct the study, which includes significant public art, parking plans, and improvements that make the district more walkable. Northeast Shores is in the process of raising the necessary funds to implement this plan.

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Waterloo Streetscape Plan

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